Schnell is the world leading company in the production of automatic machines for reinforcement processing, for the production of electro-welded mesh and software technologies for all shaping centers. 

Schnell was founded in 1962 by the intuition of a group of entrepreneurs coming from Fano, a success that a team of partners and co-operators still carries on with passion and determination. 

Today, Schnell is the leader of a multinational industrial group. It is the main research and manufacturing center providing technological, organizational and commercial support to the whole Group. 

Schnell operates in over 150 countries worldwide thanks to its 14 branches, more than 50 agents and dealers and many assistance centers
130 types of customizable machines are produced in a production area of over 50.000 sqm5 factories around the world and thanks to 450 employees


Able to design and build innovative products, Schnell has developed over the years a complete range of machines to meet all the needs of the industrialized reinforcement processing market. 

This has radically changed the approach with customers: increasing the range has not only meant to have more machines to offer, but it has also turned the company from supplier of machines to supplier of integrated and customized solutions

The ability to share knowledge and experiences with our customers in a creative and open-minded environment is definitely the basis of our success.

Via Sandro Rupoli, 2
zona Ind. San Liberio 
61036 Colli al Metauro (PU) Italia 
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