1987 First automatic stirrup bender “ESA 514”
1988 First cold rolling and straightening line “LAM 512”
1989 First mesh welding machine for special engineered mesh
1990 First high speed lattice girder machine "ARM 600 V"
1992 First automatic machine for curved tunnel mesh
1993 First fully automatic engineered mesh welding machine “Flexiweld”
2000 First heavy mesh welding machine “Flexiweld 4200 V”
2001 First automatic bending machine “Autobend”
2003 First fully automatic variable pitch lattice girder machine “ARM 400 VSX”
2007 First special mesh welding line for tunnel reinforcement “Flexiweld T”
2008 First fully flexible lattice girder machine "Girderflex"
2008 3rd generation of special mesh welding machines "Flexiweld"
2009 First mesh welding line “Flexiweld 4200 SW” for three-dimensional reinforcement
2010 Synthesis: first automatic machine for complex cages
2011 First Preflex Multipurpose
2013 First Synthesis Ultraflex cages and walls
2022 AWM join Schnell Group