Special mesh welding plant
Flexiweld SF  

Flexiweld SF is a flexible mesh welding plant from coil for the production of special mesh for precast concrete elements
The SF model, thanks to its double straightening unit, is the high-speed version of the Flexiweld mesh welding machine series and is the right solution for precasters and mesh producers who need mesh for slabs or walls, mesh with holes and openings for doors and windows.

These mesh welding plants are characterized by a very high level of technology, low space requirements and affordability. 
In addition, the number of welding heads can be adjusted to the desired performance.
If needed, the bespoke mesh welding machine can be combined with fully automatic mesh bending systems and logistical solutions.


_ WIRE DIAMETERS: Ø 4 - 16 mm
_ MESH WIDTH: 300 - 5.000 mm (min. crosswire length 300 mm)
_ MESH LENGTH: 650 – 12.000 mm
_ STRAIGHTENING LINES: standard up to 6 (customization available)
_ MAX. WELDING CAPACITY (Linewire +Crosswire): Ø 16 mm + Ø 16 mm
- Type A) min. 50 mm and multiples of 50 mm
- Type B) min. 50 mm and multiples of 25 mm
- Type C) min. 50 mm – Stepless
- Types A) and B) from 4 to 80
- Type C) to be discussed with the customer
_ CROSS WIRES PITCH: min. 50 mm – Stepless


1. Wire uncoilers
2. Straightening and cutting unit
3. Unloading channels
4. Longitudinal bars feeding system
5. Rotating system for cross bars
6. Transporting chains for cross bars
7. Welding portal
8. Primary mesh extraction carriage
9. Flat mesh extraction station
10. Secondary mesh extraction carriage
11. Autobend
12. Bent cages extraction