If you’re looking for a second-hand machine for reinforcement processing, Schnell ensures you quality and reliability: among Schnell second hand machines you’ll surely find what better fits your needs, machines completely reviewed and at a best price.
All Schnell second hand machines are certified and 100% guaranteed.

Thanks to Schnell second hand program, the mechanical and electronic components of all refurbished machines are carefully checked, guaranteeing total efficiency and safety.

- All maintenance operations are carried out by qualified personnel using only original spare parts, guaranteeing 100% quality and efficiency;
- Our after-sales assistance service will assist you in case of need;
- Schnell refurbished machines have a 6-month warranty.

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Schnell has a wide range of second hand machines:
- Automatic second hand stirrup benders for reinforcement processing;
Refurbished stirrup bender for reinfocement processing;
- Used cage making machines for the production of construction cages;
- Second hand machine for cage assembling;
- Used straightening machines for the production of straight bars;
Refurbished straightening machines for the production of straight bars;
- Automatic second hand cutting bench;
- Second hand cutting machine;
- Used job site bending and cutting machines for rebar processing;
- Second hand lifting equipment;
- Second hand hot and cold rolling lines;
- Second hand mesh welding machines for the production of mesh.