The Schnell Group, world leader for the manufacture of automatic machines for both reinforcement processing and for welded wire mesh production as well as for the development of management software for rebar shops, strengthens its presence in Germany with a new branch in Karlsruhe.

Our success and expansion in the markets, as well as our dedication to service quality brought about the need to open a local branch to meet our clients’ growing expectations and trust. For these reasons Schnell Kundendienst was founded in Ettlinger Straße 27, Karlsruhe.
This branch is located in the Karlsruhe area, a perfect position from which to serve the whole German market.

For all of our German customers Schnell Kundendienst will be an after-sales technical centre ready to help clients for the installation of new machines, for any after-sales technical assistance (both remotely and at the customers’ location) and spare parts supply. 

In order to ensure the best possible service, Schnell Kundendienst is staffed by highly trained technicians who have many years of experience in the sector. These technicians are ready to help customers on site or support them through the Call-Center, which is the central element in Schnell Kundendienst's activity in taking care of Schnell’s clients in every situation.
Schnell S.p.a. will be constantly and directly in touch with Schnell Kundendienst’s technical staff through programs for training and development.

By opening this new branch Schnell accepts another challenge: to become a point of reference in Germany, a modern, innovative and organised company; Schnell Kundendienst is the right branch to ask for support in technical assistance and spare parts supply.

Ettlinger Straße 27
76137 Karlsruhe
Phone +49 0721 56888216 / 160
Fax +49 0721 56888161